Sunday, March 11, 2012

I have an idea. I think it can save lives.

This is an idea that have been swirling in my head. I think it can help reduce drunk driving. In essence, it is an add-on to your car. Something that can determine your breath or blood alcohol content and stop the car from starting up if it sense that your alcohol content is above the safe threshold, whatever it may be according to law. Until breathalyzers become more precise and people would use them on their own volition, it is imperative that automakers make this technology a standard feature in all automobiles. I see this as a government intervention or regulation to mandate that automakers incorporate this technology in their vehicles. It may be possible for a more market-oriented approach.

This idea could be expanded to other possibilities, including prompting the driver with options to call a friend, a family member, or a taxi company. Future enhancement could include remote assistance.

If you believe in this idea, I invite you to share your thoughts on how to make this idea a reality.
After posting my idea above, I came across this piece of news:

This is in the same spirit as my idea, except I think this technology (a breathalyzer or alcohol level sensor integrated with cars' ignition) push it to the masses, including casual drinkers who just doesn't want to risk getting a DUI or worse. A government-regulated technology solution is not ideal (not everyone needs a breathalyzer that could interfere with the operation of their cars, not to mention that government-picked winners may not have the best technology). Thus, it is best that the solution come from the private sector.

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